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Can the USA handle one more visit from Mabel & Calvin?

Once more for good measure? Isn’t that the old saying? Well that’s what I am thinking when it comes to us (Mabel & Calvin) returning to the good old USA. We went over for a month a few years back and travelled Route 66 (in reverse LA to Chicago) then back to LA via the Virginia’s, the Carolina’s, Florida, Texas, and Arizona. We had the most wonderful time and both of us found people in America to be so lovely and kind. We had such a wonderful time, so much that we have decided to return next year and do another epic road trip.

This time round we have decided that since we are going sometime in March, we will be able to take a RV; as the last trip over we went in the middle of their winter (our summer) and snow was a tad of a factor, so the RV was taken out of the equation.

With the start of any trip the destination and the route is the first place to start the planning. The picture above is the first draft and what we hope to take on, yes looks like a lot to take on? Well we are actually use to this amount of travel, and the last road trip over there was about the same (if not longer) again we are planning on taking one month to complete this trip as well.

Over the next few months I hope to share our plans, the how, when, where and with whom etc for our trip. This trip we may have an extra person, my older brother Percy has said he would be interested in tagging along with us this time round. At this stage we will plan for just the two of us and when my brother confirms Yay or Nay for his part then we can adjust to accommodate for the extra person. It won’t be that hard to change at a later stage.

I am going to start again finding places to visit and people to meet J. I have added a new Category called “USA 2014”, this is where I will put everything regarding this trip, including pre, during and post trip.

Can’t wait for 2014!



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