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Where does one start?

Where does one start once you have set one of these up?  A blog I mean, once you have set everything up you are all dead keen to get in there and start to write your little heart out and you find you have no idea just where to start!

One would think that the hardest part would be setting up the blog.  Really it only took me a massive 15 minutes to get everything done to the stage that I could start writing.  The most of that 15 minutes, if I admit it was trying to pick the theme, which I am sure that will change a few times over the next week or so until I find one I instantly fall in love with (that is).

Over the next few days I will post on things that are happening to myself and Calvin.  We are just about to buy a new car, and even more exciting we have decided to go back to the USA for our holiday next year.  So loads to plan for both events.




9 thoughts on “Where does one start?”

  1. We just did the car hunting thing as well, for our daughter, it was a mission let me tell you! Finally got a little Corolla. We are all happy with it. Hope you find something soon. All the best with your new blog! Blessings to you!

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