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Stage One: TICK :]

YIPEE, yes we have finally decided on a car and we have signed on the dotted line this morning. We pick up a brand new Suzuki Swift next Saturday; after walking about for the past 3 weekends we decided that with the price margin between new or used was so small that we would just go a little bit more and go new. At least this way all the dents and km’s are ours.

Can’t wait to pick it up next weekend! The picture above isn’t my car but it’s the exact same one, colour and all. Runs on an oily rag, we hired one last month for a week to see if we liked it or not – which we did. I checked out personal plates and sadly Mabel was already gone so now we have to either think up a new one or just leave it be with whatever we get. So next weekend I will have wheels again and out and about loving the fact that I do not have to wait around until Calvin turns up to take me somewhere in his work car.

So Stage One is done and dusted all that is left is to collect and enjoy; now I can set my sights on planning our trip to America in 2014.



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