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Words can help if you how to use them

Recently another blogger (Annabel) and I were discussing how we post while away, you know where/what we type our posts up on etc etc. I was complaining that while we are on the road away I really hate using my ipad and the wordpress app and that sometimes I either don’t have my trusty laptop or it has gone flat with no power point to charge back up on for some days. This is when she was telling me that she was using Word 2007 to type and upload from (but since installing Word 2010 she was having uploading issues).

So the smarty pants that I am, I couldn’t help myself and out comes the laptop, I smugly open up Word 2010 started a new post and tried to connect to my wordpress account. Thinking how hard could it be?! Really it’s not rocket science RIGHT. HA how wrong was I. So the next few days I was on a mission I went on so many forums so I could proudly say “see told you it was easy” while never letting her know how much research I did to do just that :O shhhh don’t let her know J.

The hard thing was that no matter what site I went on the problem that I was having wasn’t explained on any of the sites INCLUDING the Microsoft site! After 3 days of researching, pulling hair out and saying many words that contain #@*%s and can’t be repeated on here, I finally solved my problem! The funny thing was that I solved my problem all by myself by the best way I know – I fiddled about until it final worked. Really how could it have been so painful to sort such an easy problem, sometimes you just shouldn’t try to think so hard lol.

The issue that I was having was the log in process. After typing in the blogs address, user name and password then hitting connect, I was getting the same error “cannot connect – see help”. After giving up on the forums, I noticed that where I had to insert the website address for my blog I saw “xmlrpc.php”. I started to think this may be where I am going wrong, I was inserting and taking out the rest. I thought maybe wiping out wasn’t the correct thing to do. 30 seconds after the light bulb went off I had successfully connected to the blog!  So simple, yet it took so LONG. Odd thing is once I knew what I was doing wrong I then looked at not only the Microsoft online instructions but also a number of forums/blog help sites and none explained to leave this in when inserting for blog sites address. You would think it would state this for the not so techy bloggers out there. We aren’t all programmers you know :P.

Once this issue was sorted WOW it is so much easier to blog from word. Inserting images, even using the spell checker and the auto cap at the start of a sentence! Talk about LUXURY. Really anything that helps and makes the ease to post make you want to come back and post again and then you get hooked and you want to post all the time!  The more you post the easier it gets and then it’s just second nature to type up 800 or so words without even cracking a sweat or chewing on a finger nail.

As you are guessing my posts have been a tad different from the normal all about travel and being on road trips. This come from moving counties, we are going to be getting back into the swing of things again and hitting the road, just less than we use too. So with that the blog won’t stop, it will just be changing its direction a little. More rants, more stories of our life and happenings, DON’T stress there will be still tips and tricks, travel stuff well I did on the old blog. 

The blog is going to be a mixed bag or feuilleton of tales and stories, I hope to cover a little of everything. Next post is going to be on public services that are free and AMAZING to use if you know where to look. Hope you enjoy the fresh restart of both our blog and you could also say our lives (with the move to yet another country).

So hope you return soon to see what we are up to and DON’T forget to like and sign up – you wouldn’t want to miss anything lol 😉



WORD OF THE DAY (returns):


FOI-i-tn \ , noun

  1. a part of a European newspaper devoted to light literature, fiction, criticism, etc.
  2. an item printed in the feuilleton.


Originally referred to the light fiction or serial articles that commonly appeared in French newspapers in the 1840s after the fall of Napoleon.

It is a diminutiveform of the French word feuille meaning leaf.


3 thoughts on “Words can help if you how to use them”

  1. I sure wish I had followed your (and Annabel’s) advice. I just lost a post that I was typing in wordpress. Too bad I didn’t have a DOC version to reload it.


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