Travel Tuesday

Watching the world fly by….

Well, this afternoon, Calvin and I find ourselves kicking back relaxing while we are waiting for our flight to return us home. We have had a wonderful weekend catching up with our aussie “family”. While it has been only for the weekend it was lovely catching up with everyone again (I know we haven’t been gone for long but we still have missed everyone none the less). Coming over for Zandra’s 40th toga party was one of the best short breaks we have had for years!

Other than shopping until Calvin dropped (nothing new there) which I might add I managed to fill an extra suit case up with, I brought a little logitech bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. Have to say, LOVELY it. I am even typing this post on the wordpress app (which most of you know I dislike greatly) and it isn’t even that much of a hardship.


So this is just a quick test post to see how it goes – decided to use the app I dislike the most, as if I love using the keyboard on this then it can’t go wrong using it on any of the others.

So far so good – I still dislike typing up from the app, but have the little keyboard does make it a stack load better! I will do a post on the test run to let you know how it went.

Our flight had been delayed by a shocking 4 hours. I am so very glad that we decided to catch the flight back home on the Sunday and not returning on Monday and going from the airport straight to work! We don’t arrive back in Auckland until 630 this evening!

We are on the home leg in regards to the waiting game – the board says we are due to board in less than 30 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining we have been so very comfy in the business lounge.

So I promise next week I will get back into the swing of things and actually get around to typing up all the posts I have written in my trusty notebook.


Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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