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My version of “eat, pray…” is “sort your stuff out” Mabel

Right, miss me? Well I am back now! I am taking the next 14 weeks to sort out, as Calvin so poetically put it, my mind (by way of returning to school) my body (um well he is thinking I will suddenly turn into a gym junkie/bunnie) and my soul (which I really don’t know how I will sort that one out – stay tune). I have, as of last Friday finished work and will be attempting my own version of “Eat, Pray, Love”, but without the travel, the eating, or come to that fact praying as well. Like I said my own version.

The Mabel version would more easily be described as “Sort your stuff out MABEL”.

The first week off work has been very easy, we moved house. Poor Percy and Calvin had to move the whole house in one and a half days. Long story and too much of a yawn to put you all through – quick edited version, hard slog for them, but I would have to say one of the easiest moves that I have ever done (I was at work the whole time).

I am just at the end of the first week, the weekend is just over the hill (today is Friday). I have spent the week finding place’s for everything and playing house. Next week (number 2) I am planning to start on the “body” part and the following week (being number 3) the “mind” section will kick into action, by way of returning to school; where I will be starting a bridging course for adult’s who are returning to university.

It’s all taking shape…

Bonus is that I will have more spare time to actually sit down and type on the good ole keyboard again. The blog has been very neglected lately, and I must apologise to you all, just one of those things really when you pack up and move counties it can take a wee while to get back into the swing of things.

Move adventures coming… more posts being typed as you read. Have to make up for time missed.




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