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Oh how I missed you *hugs*

Right in the middle of writing a post about how I was thinking about converting to being a total mobile computer user, our gear arrived from being shipped over from Australia. For the past 4 or 5 months I had gotten use to using my trusty laptop and iPad for pretty much everything.

To the point that I was researching new laptops that could handle photo and video editing. All the things I dislike, I was convincing myself that after a while I would see it as a step into the future and that I was just dragging my feet to the way the rest of the world was heading. Storing everything in the cloud, portable HD’s, always being on the move and being able to just pick up and go by slipping ‘my world’ into my snazzy laptop bag.

While I am very able to be portable with all my equipment, and yes I actually do currently store some stuff in the cloud, have portable HD’s BUT NOTHING beats the tapping sound of my keyboard on my (new) desk. My dual screen monitors, the cooling blue light from my PC’s (extra juiced up) power supply (that Calvin built for me). I love all my 1TB HD’s (all 3 of them), never having to stress about lack of space for my Photoshop’s scratch disk.

What was I thinking!!!! Cyber *slap* for even trying to talk myself into working on Calvin to crack open his wallet (once again) to updating my portable devices.

Within 2 seconds of being back on my PC, all thoughts vanished from my mind. I swear I was about to hug my PC if it was not for Calvin being in the way trying to set it up for me. Now all that can be heard is my tap tap tapping on the keyboard (which I have to say I have missed but Calvin has not)and my toes are wriggling to all my music that, yes I had lost when I converted over from my iPhone to my (current) Samsung S4 Galaxy – long story – all my fault – let’s just forget about it shall we, it never happened *wink*.

But now, now that I have my trusty stead – my desktop PC back, well there is no stopping my from getting back into my posting, my editing and my online 2nd life. You have to love the power of PC.




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