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Me and my Mac

Well what have I been up to since I last posted?  Well I have officially started University and have had two weeks of classes.  Funny enough on writing, the “correct way” to write, been down to the snow for the day AND our gear finally arrived from Australia.  The most amazing happening is that Calvin gave me a new MacBook Air, he did have an ulterior motive, he smashed his laptop so he took my (now old) laptop to replace his laptop; but I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

mac me

This has been quite a change for me; just using Word on the Mac is different, all different shortcut keys, buttons and ways to do things.  I’m not stressed, will only take a little bit to settle into the new way of doing things.  Have to say that I am enjoying having the keys lit up when the lights are low.

This post however isn’t anything about school, snow or even the MacBook Air, this post is about the software that I brought with the laptop.  Instead of buying the full package of Microsoft Office, I decided to give the subscription package a go, since I am currently enrolled in University, I was able to get the University edition.  What difference that meant was that instead of getting a one year 5 user license, I got a 1 user (but two devices) for four years.  Once I worked out how to install the software online – this was due a little to the fact that I wasn’t all that mac-friendly (still not yet) and that I have mostly installed from CD/DVD in the past pretty much.  When I finally got the software installed and then I started checking out what extra’s it came with.

To my pleasant surprise, I also got, any and all updates or upgrades, 27GB cloud storage and 60 minutes a month of skype calls for the next four years.  Very good value for money if you ask me, all up $145.00 (NZ$) oh and also I can install the programs onto 5 mobile devices, not that I have 5, or do I?  mmmm lets see, we have 2 mobiles, and 2 ipads, plus Sabrina’s iPhone as well.  Ok I do have 5 mobile devices.


I haven’t been able to work out how to upload from Word straight onto the blog, and it took me a little while (surfing on google) to work out just how to copy and paste using the shortcut keys, but I am getting there, give me a little while, I will work it out sooner or later (hopefully sooner).  From what I have seen/used so far the software subscription system is the way that we will be going from now on.  While we don’t actually own the software forever, what we get in extra’s and upgrade’s it is a far better way to go, if you ask me.

Overall very happy with subscription software (5 out of 5) now let me get back to you on the hardware side of things (being the MacBook Air).



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