It’s all good Martha your job is safe…

Don’t you just love all the DIY sites that are out there now; they show you how to create wonders and wow they make it look so simple, and any fool can create stuff!  Simple mmmm yessssss, AH I don’t think so.  Martha you’re totally safe, there isn’t any stress of me trying to take you on!

After trolling pinterest, pin after pin on how easy it is to flash up your boring old lamps.  Looking at so many pictures declaring – from this to THIS!  I decided right Martha your time is limited; here comes MABEL….

What’s the twitter term when all goes wrong?  Arh yes, fail whale; mmm that is what you could say to my 1st attempt to flashy up my boring old lamp.

So lets start from the beginning shall we:

  1. Pick your victim, um I meant lamp
  2. Choose some patterned paper
  3. Grab some mod podge, sponge brush, scissors, pencil, ruler and double sided tape.

Measure the paper to the lamp, by rolling your lampshade along the paper, marking very lightly with a pencil on the wrong side of the paper (eg not the patterned side).

Once you have a basic outline use your ruler to draw another line about 3cms from the top and do the same for the bottom line.  This is your border that will tuck inside the boring old lamp.

Cut along the lines and then cut into 3 to 4 equal sections …

Now about now you are thinking what a slack set of DIY instructions, there isn’t any photos to flow along with anything!  WELL there isn’t any photos because I ended up messing the WHOLE thing up.  Mod podge stuck to together fingers – side note, texting while gluing with mod podge NOT A GREAT IDEA!

I just couldn't get it to sit right :(
I just couldn’t get it to sit right 😦

I ended up ripping the lovely paper I brought from the craft shop off, spending the next 5 minutes trying to then detach the paper from one had to the next until I finally got the sticky ball of gluey papery mess into the bin.  As I was about to give up and race off to replace the lamp I had just ruined with another boring white lamp so Calvin wouldn’t know.  I decided to go have another go… but MY WAY!

I like sparrow silhouettes, so I went to searching online using google images.  Found one I liked that wasn’t watermarked and free to use (see below).  Printed it out (on plain white A4 paper using my simple inkjet printer) to fit my lamp and tried again to make my boring bedside lamp into a flashy lamp.


Since I had already painted on the lamp with my 1st attempt (which failed) I had to completely paint mod podge all over the lamp, this to my surprise worked out and gave it a sort of textured grain like look to it.  YOU know like I was going with the whole “sparrow in the tree” theme.  If anyone asks me, that hasn’t read this post bout the grainy look, you so know I will totally say I was going for that look all along (while laughing on the inside).

So without delay here are my before and after shots – of the second attempt not the 1st lol.


Before - boring and plain
Before – boring and plain

and then ….

after a short while the end result….

YAY didn't mess this one UP
YAY didn’t mess this one UP

Now I am going to wait till Calvin arrives home, and see if he notices and shhhh don’t mention to him all the mishaps I went through to get to here :).

MJ (which doesn’t stand for Martha lol)


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