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Food… fact of life, you have to get it sometime don’t you

Since I have become a student, I have been at home a lot more than normal.  I MEAN A LOT, so after I left work last month my life changed dramatically.  Since I am home more than Calvin and Percy it’s only logical that I am doing the daily routine household stuff.


#ONE:  Food shopping and I have never gotten along. 

You would think that since I love to shop this would transfer to food shopping?  Short and sweet answer to that…


 When both Calvin and I were working, I would always try and wiggle out of doing the food shopping and Calvin would end up doing it all himself.

Now that its all mine, I have found that using a few of following tips over the last month I have turned on the once hated errand to now half enjoy it.


So here they are, some are if you ask me the – duh ya think? Tips but I am adding just the same:

  1. Keep a list going somewhere handy – sounds like a ‘duh tip’, but think about how many times you have returned home and forgot the milk?  Or brought milk to open the fridge and someone else grabbed some on the way home from work the night before.
  2. Actually take the list with you when you go shopping!  Really everyone else takes a list, you’re not the only one getting old and forgetting stuff!
  3. Plan your meals once a week, its helps to know what you plan to make the coming week before you go do the shopping!  Bonus to this is that you will eat out less; this saves on the wallet and you waistline!  WIN WIN.
  4. Try and stick to your list, impulse shopping is never good – unless it’s a well-needed handbag!
  5. After saying stick to your list, I now say, if you see something you would normally grab on special BUY BUY BUY.  Today I brought four tins of beetroot for 5 bucks saving me $2.  Tin stuff doesn’t go off so why not.
  6. Use the cloth bags, now I do this for all the non-eco-friendly reasons.  I am normally shopping (now) during the middle of the day, so I am bringing all the shopping in by myself.  I like to make one trip from the car not three plus trips.  I can get what they pack into about seven plastic bags into three of my cloth shopping bags.
  7. I’m not a bulk buyer, unless there is a savings for us.  If there is then I buy bulk, but only for stuff that isn’t going to go off.  What’s the point of saving a few coins on buying the 1kg bag of tomatoes when at the end of the week I have to throw out half the bag due to the tomatoes starting to go off?  Be a savvy bulk shopper.
  8. Talking about food going off – CHECK the used by dates on stuff before you waste your money.  Lost count at when I have been in a hurry and gotten home and opened something to use that was already off before I left the shop.  It happens and EGGS are a biggie – open the carton and check each egg one crack can ruin that whole lot with rotten gases.
  9. NEVER NEVER shop when you’re hungry!  I go out for lunch then go shopping straight afterwards.   I notice that I don’t buy as much bad junk food when the belly is full.  Working again the wallet and waistline.
  10. Reward cards, while Calvin pooh pooh’s them I on the other hand LOVE them.  Keep and eye out for your shops reward card specials; even getting 10 little cents off something for having the shops reward card it worth it in my eyes!

Hey after a while those few cents turn into a few dollars and before you know it there is a few hundred and OMG a new handbag magically appears (just about the same time the money did wink wink)

My tips aren’t rocket science most of you will be thinking, “already knew that” or as Calvin likes to say – the duh list.  But I like to share and you never know just one might be new, and I helped someone.  Or I am just ranting for no reason, and the next stage I will be buying up cats to chat with.




Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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