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Packing Tricks, the carry on case…

 The great quest to become the most ‘awesome-ist’ packer in the world.


You find so many posts about packing, and since I have packed a few times over the past years I thought that it was time I got my 2 cents in as well.  If you Google ‘packing tips’, you find a lot, no REALLY there is a LOT, I found 27,900,000 in 26 seconds.  I only read about 5, after that it was information overload and that was when I decided I wanted to make the list 27,900,001.

This topic is so massive and can’t be mash it into one little post as I would have to either leave so much out OR go on and on for so long that no one would get to the end, sooooo I am going to carry packing tips over 3 posts.  This is part one.

The carry on case… one of the most important case when travelling!

Why is the smallest case the most important you ask?  Well though it has never happened to us (knock on wood) I know stacks of people who have lost luggage or had luggage delayed for a day or two, so what are you left with?  Your carry on case!  So pack wisely!


In the beginning of our travels, like any first time traveller, I HAD NO IDEA.  I would just throw in everything totally randomly, all a mess and without a care, then have Calvin sit on top of the case to try and zip the case up, I would throw stuff into my carry on case that pretty much didn’t fit in the bigger bag (about to burst open).  Thankfully those days are long forgotten  – yes they never happened and lets not speak of them again!  Nowadays, totally new style to the process, I can pack, travel 12 plus hrs and go straight from case to business meeting without a care in the world of a wrinkle OR having to totally ‘up end’ all my cases onto the hotel bed to find anything.  Over the years I have fine-tuned here and there, but I am at a stage now where I think I have pretty much got the whole packing down packed!

over packed suitcase

First up, don’t think your carry on case is for the minute stuff you forgot to pack in your main case or you couldn’t fit into it!  See it as the first three days of your trip and pack it like that’s the only case you are taking.  Actually if I am taking a short trip, like 3 to 4 days, I can live from my carry on case (yes my beautifully BRIGHT RED hard-shelled roller carry on case that Calvin dislikes greatly).  I fit my delicates (undies people), x2 ‘day’ outfits (1 business or smart dressed, 1 causal) and x1 evening outfit, all my makeup, x2 pairs of shoes, toiletries (limited to travel restrictions) and my trusty laptops charger and plug adaptor, yep all in my little red case.  I travel to and from in the same clothes so I can add x1 more day outfit and x1 more pair of shoes to that list.  That is more than enough clothes for 3 days, with a few unexpected delays on top.

When I am travelling only with a carry on I find that I roll my clothes over the folding method, and stuff my shoes with my delicates, and the small stuff in the ‘holes/gaps’ when everything is in the case.  I normally roll my clothes, not because as everyone claims that rolling has no wrinkles but because I find that I can fit more in my little carry on case from rolling over folding.  I pack my carry on like this whether I am travelling overseas or domestically.  The only thing that has any impact on what I take is if I am travelling overseas I have more restrictions with what I can take on the plane with me in regards to liquid size restrictions.  If going overseas, I normally use the motels shampoos and soaps, saves having to take them on the plane AND the stress of them bursting open mid flight and causing a mess, and if the trip is for a longer time, simple I go to the local shops and get normal sized shampoo and soaps when I have time.

One thing I do, doesn’t matter if I am traveling overseas or not, long or short trip, I always have a little travel pack with me which contains a small (sample sized) bottle of perfume, deodorant, tiny toothbrush and mini tube of paste plus with a hair tie and comb.  Trust me getting off the plane/train/boat is always more refreshing when you have clean fresh teeth/breath and your hair doesn’t have the ‘I just woke up’ look.


Always check with the carrier that you are using to see what carry on restrictions/requirements that they have.  They all have different ones, some have more, some have less – and they always check!

The next post is, I suppose the main course.  Part 2 will be on packing for longer trips in your main case.  The must takes, all my little tips and tricks I use to pack both my and Calvin’s large suitcase, and we can survive one month in ONE case each.


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