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Packing tips…the main course

The great quest to become the most awesome-ist packer in the world.

Unlike Mr Bean below lol

This is part two of my quest to become the greatest packer ever; this post is all about packing your main case.  As I said in Part one, Calvin and I have one large suitcase each, and we can travel with one case each for a whole month.  Yep you read correctly one case each, one whole month.  I personally travel with a hard-shelled case (matching set of beautiful red ones- one large and one carry on case), Calvin on the other hand is an old fashion chap with a stock standard black soft fabric suitcase (another matching set, one large and one carry on).  Each person has their own style, and even thou there is so MUCH talk over many blogs on soft or hard case shell I personally think it really doesn’t matter and what is important is the weight of the case itself and how much it can handle.  Both Calvin’s and my cases are the new lightweight kinds.  So if your thinking that your old (heavy) case is worth its ‘weight’ in gold because of how long it is lasting, then maybe you need to pop it on the scales empty, you might be surprised where all your luggage weight is really coming from.  If the case is over 3kgs (6.6lbs), well then you are wasting weight in your case – and it’s time to replace!  We argue over who’s is lighter or who’s is easier to travel with but when it comes down to it there are pro’s and con’s for both types (hard or soft shell) and really when I pack both Calvin’s and my own, I get about the same amount in both, which means pretty much its all down to personal taste and style again.


Top 8 quickies – the one-liners do think about:

  1. Make a list.  (Can you tell I love lists yet?)
  2. Pack ahead of time!
  3. Don’t go from wardrobe to case.
  4. Couple travelers – don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  5. Space savers they really do save on space!
  6. What’s the saying, drop and roll?  Well let’s change it to fold and roll!
  7. Don’t stress about the mess just don’t take them?
  8. How many is too many?

Whose one-liners confused you?  Well here are all the details…

1.  Before opening your suitcase, the best plan is to make a list, that way you can take exactly what you need, you are not packing by impulse and not taking stuff that you wont even use.  Having a list will also help you not to forget stuff as well as taking too much stuff – cross it off as you’re packing.

2.  Unlike Calvin, who if he had his way, we would be packing an hour before we had to leave for the airport.  Seasoned traveller or first timer, just before you get on the flight is the most stressful time of any travels.  Missing the plane/connection forgetting stuff anything can set your stress levels up.  So why not pack the day before, if you are missing something you have time to go out to the shops to get it.  Packing the day or night beforehand leaves you more time to causally re check.

3.  Grab your list and pull everything on your list out and place it on your bed, then fold or roll outside of the case.  Sounds like double handling, right?  Nope this way you can visually work out sets of clothes, you can mix and match sets and from there you might be able to cut back or see that you are missing stuff.  I then fold all the bulky stuff place them on the bottom of our cases and then roll the small stuff and pack all around to fill the gaps/holes.

4.  If you are travelling with someone else (partner or friend), do a half and half pack.  We have been very lucky and have never had our luggage lost or delayed (knock on wood), but we have had many friends who have.  What I have learnt from this is I pack our cases with a half and half mix – my case will have half mine and half Calvin’s clothes and so will Calvin’s case.  This way if just one case is lost or delayed we both still have at least some clothes to get by with.  If you’re solo, well just skip over this step and hope nothing is lost or delayed.

5.  If you are limited with the size of your case, as in how big the actual case is and some carries do have size restrictions (really good idea to check every time you travel), get some of those space saver bags.  You fold your clothes into them this roll all the air out of the bag, they will reduce the overall size of your items and though you are packing a smaller sized case than you might normally would, you are still able to take the same amount of gear.  They have been around for ages, but for some reason people don’t overly use them for travel?  They are also great when you are unpacking as well, because if you made a list you sorta know this top with go with this bottom etc etc and you can group stuff together and only put out what you need at the time you want it.  But on a side note, just before you go out and buy a load of them thinking you will be able to pack twice as much into your case – REMEMBER YOUR WEIGHT LIMITS!!!!!

6.  Why go with one method when you can use TWO.  I both roll and fold my clothes in my case.  I fold the larger bulkier clothes, like jackets, jeans etc and roll the lighter smaller stuff, like tee shirts etc.  I fold and stack from the bottom and then fill all the gaps/holes with stuff that I have roll up.  I tried going all fold or all roll methods, only thing I can say is that yes both work great but when you combine – AWESOME.

7.   The amount of times I have opened my suitcase to find my shampoo bottle has split or the lid had popped open.  Really I have tried everything, from tapping the lids, or either tapping and putting them into plastic zip lock bags, oh and even where they are in my case, on the side, in the middle at the bottom!  I give up!  I don’t travel with them anymore.  I use the hotels shampoo and soap the first night.  Then I go out and explore wherever is local and buy replacement at the shops.  It’s not like I haven’t had to do this even when I have travelled with my own shampoo and really who are we kidding, like you are not going to go to at least one shop during your travels!

8.  SHOES, really how many can you wear on one trip?  Why do we take so many of them?  They just take up extra space and weight!  I have limited myself to a max of 3 pairs only; two packed in the case and the set I travel with.  Wear the heaviest pair on the plane (thank God they are not weighing us YET).  I take one night or good going out shoes, one causal pair, and one walking shoes (which are the ones I normally catch the plane with).  I might add, I stuff my undies and sox’s into my shoes, more space saving tips, plus it helps keeping the shape of the shoes when they are squashed into my case.


Hope that helps a little, for the next and the final part, I am going to go over all about the small things.  Little things I go to make my packing easier, stuffing undies into shoes is child’s play.

Till next week.





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