my life, USA 2014


Yep my exams are all done and dusted.  I have returned.  Or should I say I’m BACCCCCK…


Sadly I have returned with a nasty case of the flu, which as you do, I have shared around my family and they all pretty much now dislike me lol.

On the good news front, I have finally brought our tickets to the USA next year.  My holding off for the sales has paid for the stress of not buying them earlier!  Waiting did save Calvin and I, just shy of $900 (NZD).  So instead of saving the money for the trip, we splashed out and upgraded to the sky couch both ways!

click for a larger view

Comfy!  No being jammed into a sardine can we have the whole row ALL to ourselves.  The planning has all been finished, just have to wait for the time to tick over and sit and stare at the tickets for the next 3 months until we fly out – oh the pain.


So the next few days I will be posting about a few travel tips, just to finish off where I last left off before I disappeared for my exams.  And also popping in a few posts on photography travel and what we have been getting up too.  This is just to let you know that yes indeed we are back and the countdown is NOW ON and in the double digits to BOOT!


Just before we go, I will post all about the trip and some of the plans and then during the trip as we are travelling about I post as we go 🙂




Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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