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Sex, lies and Cyber Bullies

Sex, lies and cyber bullies.  I am so happy in my youth social media wasn’t around.  Just thinking back to all the silly things that I did back then, nothing really too different to what the current youth do.  Only difference is that now in the age of social media, all the silly things are now captured on one of the MANY phone cameras and then instantly uploaded onto some social media site for all to share and when you think about it, pass around the world so complete strangers can laugh at you!  While the person, most likely a mate that took the photo and did it for a laugh and meant nothing by it, the world on the other hand don’t know you nor do they care if you feel upset or bullied by the photo.  It won’t fix taking the photo down either, if it has been passed and share on other sites by other people, it is impossible to take them all down.  Sad but FACT.


Our blogs are exactly the same, you have to be careful what you post on your blogs.  This Hump day Wednesday post is all about being careful on what you post on your blogs.  Now I am speaking from someone who has had issues.  This isn’t my first blog, I had to shut down my first blog.  I somehow got a stalker who caused me untold grief, so much so that I stopped blogging all together and shut the site down!  Nearly half a year past before I missed posting so much that I decided to start a new blog (this one).  This post I am going to let you know where I went wrong and what I have learnt from my mistakes in my first blog.

While posting about your life is a great way to get feelings out, let others know what you are up to, even to find new friends around the world, you can get too personal.  With this new blog, I don’t post where we are about to be (anymore) I don’t use real names – no Mabel isn’t my real name, but my name does start with M, hence the reason I sign off with M.J they really are my initials.  If you haven’t noticed while I do post photos I don’t post overly personal ones and there are none with my face or any of my families and friends faces either.  I never use real names for anyone, I just use the first letter of their name.  Funny thing is, some of my friends actually call me Mabel as my nickname.  I am not saying be sterile with your posts, I am just saying be careful, letting the world know where you sleep really isn’t best and yes I know that most of you don’t, but think letting the world know that you are going to be holidaying for two weeks isn’t either!  I read on the news that a simple instagram photo of a girl counting her Grandmothers holiday cash ended in a home invasions, see what I mean.

So you are thinking wow sober post for a Wednesday!  Sometimes they just need to be done.  Just look at the recent sadness that is all over the news in New Zealand about the two disgusting boys having sex with young girls and posting video, pictures and naming their conquests on a Facebook page.  The police didn’t shut the page down to get more dirt on them!  OMG who’s idea was that!!!!!  It’s like hey, we know who is killing people but we need a little more on them to put them away, lets just let them kill someone else…  These girls are never going to be sure that the crap these two scumbags put online will be truly ever fully offline.  Scary.  This is the world we live in.  We have to be careful, now I am not saying DON’T.  I am one of the most 40 somethings that is hooked into the online world that I know.  I know now that I just have to be careful with that I let out there.


99.9% of your readers are just that, readers who like reading your posts and they are awesome, like with everything there is always one bad apple in the barrel and you can’t get rid of them.  I couldn’t and the only way was to shut down my first blog.  I lost a lot of true followers and years of postings and comments.  I was that upset I deleted without backing up.  Now I have learnt, now I am carful.  I hope you do take a little from this post, and I hope you share around the world so others do as well.

With that I will come to an end, see you tomorrow for something more cheerful 🙂





3 thoughts on “Sex, lies and Cyber Bullies”

  1. Thank you for being so informative in this post. It had to have been so traumatizing to be dealing with the situation and someone so unstable. I find it is a bit of a dance presenting yourself as a blogger and sharing some personal things and yet keeping things private at the same time. You will notice that I very rarely/never post pictures of my family on my blog too and I always say that I have been away after I have come back. I am so glad things are improved with your new ‘Mabel’ blog! ~Thea

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