Pot Luck Friday

Ticking off some of my Bucket

A little while back I posted my bucket list.  This week I have started one from my little ever growing list.  Which one?  Well I have started reading one book a month for one year.  So hopefully this time next year I will be posting about ticking this one off!

I set myself some little guidelines with this one.  Otherwise I would never finish a book :O

book cat

  1. once a book is started I have to finish it, no matter how bad it is
  2. read anything and everything that catches my eye
  3. find new authors
  4. start the book in the first  week of the month
  5. finish by the last week of the month
  6. blog about the books as I go

Well, the first book off the rank and I have all six points in play.  Number one being once I have started I have to follow though and finish.  The first book, I picked up at the local library, the cover caught my eye.  DAM point number one BANG!  After reading the first page, all I could think was ‘will anyone know I have broken point 1′.

book stacks

Can’t cheat myself, so painfully I have somehow read the first 4 chapters this first week.  Now I know writers take from their real life, even if just from a tiny inch of their life.  BUT this author has pretty much rewrote from a few newspapers about the tragic death of the actor Heath Ledger’s in 2008.  Only the names and dates have been changed!  I hadn’t even finished the first page and Heath Ledger jumped into my mind!!!!

I am not going to say what the book is called or who wrote it (sadly a prize winning author – according to the books dust jacket).  If I do it will only give the book and the author more internet time and really it doesn’t deserve the airtime!

Hope next month brings something better than this month?  And if you think of any books for me to add to my reading list, please let me know.  I will let you know how I am going along the way!




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