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While blogging is an enjoyable hobby for me, I find that since I don’t write or blog professionally I do sometimes have issues that I am sure you come across at times as well.  What do you do when you find yourself watching the cursor blinking over and over with no words flowing?  Or you find it hard to make the time to get posts down?   How about when you have the other end of the extreme, where you have sooooo many ideas!   Arrrrrrhhhhhh.  Over time I have found a few answers to my own questions, and I would like to share them with you now.

Like for example, I always have a little notebook in my handbag.  I get ideas all the time for posts.  They never come when I am sitting in front of my laptop when I am about to do a post, HELL NO.  For me they normally pop into my head when I am travelling on the bus or walking around doing the food shopping, even while out at dinner with mates!  This way I don’t have to keep repeating the idea over and over in my head to only forget the idea as soon as something takes my attention (which I might add is easy – ohh new handbag – poof idea gone!).  If I have a pen and notebook in my handbag I can jot down anything.  I have even half written posts in this little book – hey when the words are flowing, run with it I say.


I use to have issues with writers block, or as I like to call it bloggers block.  ‘USE TO’ being the key words there.  I found the more I wrote the easier it was to write.  Shocking I know!  I now do what is known as ‘free-writing’.    This is when you just write.  No checking the spelling, no worries about grammar, and NO STOPPING!  Yep, I just sit down every morning and write for 10 minutes a day non stop and I have found that I notice it when I do miss a day, and it happens.  I have noticed that my words don’t flow as easy, when I miss a WEEK – well it’s painful to post.


As I said, my blog is a hobby.  I don’t write professionally (my grammar and spelling attests for that lol).  So I have to fit my posts in around my life, both the personal and working lives.  Finding the time to sit down and write at times can be hard.  What I have started to do is when I do have free time, I write up posts and save them on my laptop for use later on.  I try to write up a weeks worth of posts over the weekend and set them up to auto-post on the set days I have decided to post on (like Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs).  When I do find that I have run out of time to get a post up, for what ever reasons, I know that I have a few spare ones sitting on my laptop as back up.  This way I don’t miss a post day AND I don’t have to stress out and slap up an unedited post.  Which for me is normally filled with typing mistakes.  And mistakes make me look stupid, and I don’t like to look stupid at the best of times :).


While we are talking about mistakes.  They happen, get over it and find what works for you.  Calvin does his best, and when he can, he does proof read my posts before I upload them.  But he is not always free or in the mood to proof read 5 posts every weekend.  So sometimes I don’t have his help.  What I have found is if I walk away from what ever I am writing, I normally find my own mistakes later on when I reread them.  I try to do this not once but a few times.  I recheck and recheck as much as I can, I also try to leave a day or so between checking/editing them.  I have found the more I recheck the less mistakes are there when the post is finally uploaded.  At times I only have time to check once, then when it’s posted and I get the time to see the post (uploaded) I notice mistakes and quickly edit.  So rechecking for me is a MUST.

I hope that you find what helps me, helps you.  If you have anything that you have found along the way that helps you – SHARE and post a comment below.





2 thoughts on “Helpful blogging tips”

  1. It is really difficult to pick up all mistakes. I have recently noticed numerous books by top authors put out through top publishing houses which have basic typos or spelling or punctuation errors.

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