Pot Luck Friday, USA 2014

Wow it’s Thursday already

WOW, no really wow!  It’s Thursday already and there is only one more Thursday for this month and we are into December!  I just can’t believe that this year has gone so fast.  The next two months are either going to fly by or drag on very slowly!  I have to say this is the time I hate the most.  So very near our trip to America, yet still far enough away.

The past week or so I have been spending all of my spare time looking for places to see along the route we have planned (changed and rewritten only a few times).  I have had America on my mind and this is truly an  understatement.  Let me tell you about a few of my dreams the past week.


The other night I sat bolt upright in bed, yelling “I forgot the passports!”, I even woke poor Calvin up.  Yep, I dreamt that as we were walking off the plane in LA, I was checking for my passport and SOMEHOW I had forgotten it?  Yes I know that how the heck did I get on the plane in the first place?  What can I say, I stress about forgetting stuff just before we go.  Then the other night, I woke up laughing because I dreamt that I was the vegemite ambassador travelling around the USA getting Americans to try Vegemite on toast OKAY?

Now this is funny not because I’m giving total strangers vegemite on toast, but funny because every American that I have given vegemite too, tries it, screws their face up and very politely says ‘nice’ and puts it back on the plate to never touch again.  I don’t think there are many American’s that actually like Vegemite.


To say that I am hanging out for the next 70 days to pass by … well is also funny!  So this last up and coming week of November I know will fly by.  Cross your fingers that the remainder do the same.


Have an awesome weekend folks and catch up next Monday for the pic of the week post 🙂




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