Travel Tuesday

I’m a tad of a planner.

Yep I’m a planner alright, this sometimes can get on Calvin’s nerves, but generally only in the planning stages LoL.  I try to include him in when I’m planning a trip but mmmm pretty sure he’s happy not to be included (ALL the time) and to just go with the flow.

I’m not one of those ‘plan things’ down to the last minute type of people.  I just like to know the route we are going and checking out things to see along the way.  Half of the time the route changes on the road and I’m looking for things to see, stay or eat along the way.  This is just as enjoyable to me as pre planning is.


This is a few things that I always do, my ‘just in case list’.

  1. take photocopies of your passports (so much easier when you know your passport number if you misplace your passport)
  2. scan the contents of your wallet
  3. give your route to a friend or family member back home
  4. have a copy of your tickets
  5. keep a list of family or close friends phone numbers in your wallet (in case your phone is lost or stolen)
  6. have a hard copy and cloud copy of all the above

Yeah I know sounds a little over the top, but I have left my phone in the back of a cab in another country. I didn’t even know the number to call it to see if I could get it back.  I was very lucky that Calvin had called me an hour beforehand to see what his new number was and my new number was on his phone – and YES the cabby answered and came back to us to return my phone!!!!!


We have been very lucky (knock on wood- aka Calvin’s head) that we have never lost or had our wallets stolen, but there is always a first time.  And I don’t know about you, but do you know the lost/stolen phone numbers for your credit card/s?  Heck do you know every card that you actually have in your wallet without looking?  I don’t, so I photocopied them to make sure that I know.   I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything, as I have scanned the front and backs of every card in my wallet (and Calvin’s) and uploaded it into my cloud account.  I have a hard copy (paper print out) in my passport wallet as well.

This doesn’t take long to do and I only check it once a year to see if it needs up dating, and our passports are valid for 5 years so I only need copy them every 5 fives.  Not hard once you have done the leg work for the first time.  Just have to remember to update when required.

If you have any pre travel planning tips that you do, let us know and add them in the comments below.  The more the merrier.  Or if you have done a similar post add a link so we can check it out.

Chat tomorrow for Hump Day Wednesday 🙂




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