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Rain Rain… oh well

Well if Calvin reads this post he will think someone has taken over my little peanut brain.  Since moving back to New Zealand, I am starting to like the rain.  I have no idea why, and anyone in the real world that knows me will be scratching their head over that statement.  It might be that we have been living the last 20 yrs in a country that was pretty much always in drought?

2013-09-16 13.38.45-2
rain on our window

As I was reading my book in bed this morning before getting up, I found myself watching the rain run down the window, thinking how refreshing it was to see.  Very peaceful even.  I now get why Calvin has said all these years that the rain washes everything away, makes the world nice and clean again.  Only took me 21 years to get it.  Don’t get me wrong, I still like the sun, the blue skies above and the warmth on my skin.  Just rain is snuggle weather and who doesn’t like a snuggle every now and then.

Did, anyone notice that I missed yesterday?  Yep, just got away on me and before I knew it the day was over and I missed posting something up.  Oh well, it happens.  Hope you all have a great up and coming weekend.

If your in America have a happy Thanks Giving and enjoy time with your family and friends.  Don’t spend too much on Black Friday 🙂




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