Hump Day Wednesday, Photography

Instagram app…

I have used the Instagram app for years. Long before it was taken over by FB and long before it was the young persons ‘thing’ 😛

A few years back I did a series called “out my window”, it was way back in 2009.  Today I have decided that I am going to rename my current instagram page, delete all the pics on there and start a new series.

How it will work:

  • one photo a day using just my phones camera
  • filters are ok
  • image each day is of something I see from out a window – car, plane, train, house – oh you get my point
  • the series will go for 365 days (one yr)
  • they will only be seen on my Instagram pg
  • the image can be of anything or anyone as long as its out a window

That’s it, very simple very easy.  I have done a few 365 projects, over each of them I have found that if the rules are easy it makes it all that easier to actually see the project to its end (all 365 days on it).  I hope that you follow me and my window each day that comes around.

Today is day ONE.  Here is the link to my instagram page if you can to follow along with me 🙂

Chat tomorrow, don’t forget to hit the like and or share buttons and hope to see you over at my 365project too.  Chat tomorrow and Happy Hump Day to you all 🙂




Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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