Blogging, Hump Day Wednesday

One day….

I keep on saying one day I will tell you the story about… and never get back around to telling the story.  Today is the day I do!  A few Monday’s back I posted a pic of a stack of car pine tree freshers in a “I heart Monday’s” series.

My forest

SOOOO the little story behind my pine forest of (now) not so smelly trees.  Did you know that I love scary movies?  Well you do now.  I have always loved to be scare witless while watching movies, ever since my first scary movie at the ripe old age of 5, yes you read correctly FIVE years old.

Where the collection of car freshers comes from, is one of my all time favourite serial killer movies ‘Seven’.


This is where the killer is killing to the 7 deadly sins.  One of his victims, is found (barely alive) in his bed.  The ceiling is full of these little car freshers.  To keep the rotting air so piney fresh smelling.  I loved that little detail in the movie.  It stuck in my head, so one day as I was about to replace a smelly with another little smelly tree, this scene popped into my little head and I joked about having my own little ‘forest’ just in case I ever have the need to bump off Calvin and have to store his body in the boot for a period of time *wink wink* before I am able to dispose of him.

Calvin chuckled slowly.

So there it is.  My story behind my little pine forest in my car.  My running gag on how to hide the rotting smell of my poor Calvin who may end up in the boot one day,but whom I love very much and truly would never hurt ;).  REALLY I wouldn’t lol!




Just in case you have noticed that I have been a tad slack relating to my regular posting, well simple reason.  It’s Christmas, we are busy popping here, shopping there.  Trying to get everything done before Christmas Day.  So yep, I have missed a post or two and yes they are totally out of order.  But these things happen 🙂



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