my life, Pot Luck Friday

…the continuing story of a quack who’s gone to the dogs…

Well after yesterdays post showing you my serial killer side, I decided that this Thursdays post I should follow up and tell you a little more about myself.

If you don’t get the title, then you are not a muppet fan.  Which as a child I was (under statement there).  I have seen to this day every Muppet Movie out there – and yes that is sad but I am muppet fan proud and will say it loud lol.  It’s a generational thing, yet another – you have to have grown up in the 70’s and 80’s to truly understand what I am going on about.

I am, if you haven’t already worked it out at times a little odd lol.  I don’t do what is considered the ‘Social Norm’.  Even my studies are a little different.  I have just returned to uni (college for my American friends) and next year I am going to be full time (unlike this year) where I was doing a little catch up so I could get into the courses I wanted.  I will be returning to a double degree in Law and (wait for it) Anthropology (so the study of people and the cultures they live in, so I can either put them away or help them to go free).  See not the double most people would be doing.  NO I am not going to become like ‘Bones’, the TV show, who happens to be an Anthropologist (in the show) just a different one to what I want to be.

I love movies, both old and new.  I will watch pretty much any movie that is on; even if its sucks beyond belief.  I love to see everything, as if I watch them all (movies that is) then I might find a movie which I might not normally pick and LOVE IT!  Then I am all the more entertained.  Odd for a movie buff, but I also love reading books.  I will search out movies that I have enjoyed and also read the book.  Sadly not always both are as awesome as the other :(.  I love Westerns, Action, Thriller, Scary, Drama, Funnies heck pretty much if it’s a movie then I will watch it!  Thou saying this I am not so much a RomCom girl.  Which Calvin is very thankful for (since we take turns on who gets to pick the movie we are going to see).

What else… well you know that I have a keen interest in serial killers already.  I like to read about them as well as watch movies on them.  No have no interest in meeting one or becoming one lol.  I just like to read about what makes them tick and I like the scared witless excitement from watching movies (real or otherwise) about the topic.  Nothing ‘dark’ there.

I like to travel off the beaten track and prefer seeing stuff as a local over as a tourist so we try to blend in as much as we can.  I love to research places we are going, which includes the history and current news of the town/city.  I love getting on the road and have dragged poor Calvin hours down a road to see a stack of rocks, or a scene from a movie.  Doing this research makes the planning just as enjoyable as the travelling.

When I was a kid I wanted to grow up and be just like BJ McKay and his best friend Bear.  Which again we are back to the 70/80’s thing.  Calvin jokes that the show might be the reason I love road trips so much…

But who really knows what’s actually going on in my head lol.  I was a typical kid of the 80’s, if it was on TV, from America, and had cars/bikes/planes or about being in space I was glued to the TV.  Which is funny as nowadays I am finding I watch less and less TV and prefer movies or books.  I only have a handful of shows that I watch now – something that even I am a little shocked over (still).

The given things people know about me, is that I like to blog – duh.  I love to travel (even bigger duh) and I was a professional photographer in my (past) life.  Which funny enough is how I started to blog.

Well, there is a little about me.  Next week we continue the I Heart Mondays photos, and on Tuesday I have a post on “being a tourist in your own backyard’, Wednesday will be on Photography, and I haven’t decided on next weeks Thursday post yet?  Since it’s so near to Christmas it may well be something a little Christmas-ly.


Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more and see just because I have a ‘thing’ about serial killers, I’m not weird in the least – ha ha ha ha 😉




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