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Travelling with your camera gear…part 1

Now that our trip is fast coming up I have to work out what and how I am going to take my camera equipment with us?  When you are travelling with as much and as expensive camera gear that I have, I don’t like to mess about with how I pack it.

I find that if we are travelling for long periods of time, anything over 3 weeks.  The most important gear isn’t which one of many lens or CF cards, but my cleaning and maintenance equipment.  If I can’t clean or do quick fixes on my gear I can’t use it, then all we are doing is lugging about ‘dead’ weight.  Been there, done that!

Cleaning List

  1. lens cloths (moist cloths) as MANY as you can take both tissue and cloth
  2. lens blower
  3. alcohol in a small bottle
  4. cotton buds
  5. small soft brush
  6. small hand towel

cleaning kit

Maintenance List

  1. tri-pod spanner (tighten bolts and nuts)
  2. small screw driver (tighten screws – it happens)

Not a lot of gear, right?  Very important BUT easy to forget about when your racing about packing everything else!  I have a travel kit pre packed and ready to go, I make sure the kit is all stocked up when I return from the last trip away.  This way if I forget to check before I pack it, I know everything is in there.

I have my gear in a large pencil case.  I have a few really, which are all colour coded so I can grab them nice and fast without opening them to see what is in there.  I know that Purple is for ‘Cleaning and Maintenance’, black for night and so on and so forth.  I actually do this for a lot of stuff.

Keeping the kits simple and sweet helps with keeping the weight and size of the bag down.   So there is more room for shopping LoL.

Next week part 2 how I store and park my camera equipment  AND how I pick what to take and what to leave behind 🙂



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