Hump Day Wednesday, my life

The death of an alarm clock

Well yesterday, just as the alarm went off on our bedside clock – she died.  Yep we were lucky it had one more alarm left in it!  SO yesterday while getting the remainder of our xmas shopping done, I added to my list of who’s been naughty or nice.  Alarm clock.  One would think that would be easy to find – NO.  I did find loads but for some reason they were all the old fashioned tick tock ones!

smash clock

I’m a ‘like it quite’ sleeper, ticking clocks, dripping tapes ALL drive me bonkers and I can’t sleep.  In the end I gave up looking for one, decided that we could just use our phones as an alarm clock.  Heck its what we do when we are away!  BUT NO Calvin grabbed a little blue clock that was in my nieces room (she’s only here weekends).  An old fashioned tick tock tick tock.  DROVE me nuts all night!  When the morning finally arrived and the ticking was still as loud as it was when I first came to bed, it reminded me of the night we left to move to Australia, WAAAAAY back in 1995; so todays post in all about that – thanks to the little blue ticking clock.


It was the night before, we were staying from Calvin’s grandparents place (they lived near the airport), I was a wreck.  Not only was I leaving everything I knew and felt safe around – you know family and life long friends BUT it was also the first time I have left New Zealand and only the second time I had been on a plane before.  I had taken a sleeping pill, just to help me get to sleep.  OK they don’t work if your really REALLY awake!  In typical (Calvin’s) grandma style the two single beds were separated but a night stand – WITH a silver ticking clock.  It sounded like we were in a tunnel – each tick tock echoed in my head TICK TOCK, louder and louder.  I couldn’t stand it any longer, and made Calvin put it in the hallway.  This one would think would be the end of it.  Sadly (for Calvin) it was not.  When I finally got to sleep, I woke every hour on the hour stressing that because there was no alarm clock in the room we would not hear it go off and we would miss our flight!  POOR Calvin, up/down up/down, trying to keep me happy by opening the door and checking the time for me on the banished clock in the hallway .  From memory about 5 times, in the end I just couldn’t handle it and got ready very early and sat in the kitchen waiting for the rest of the house to awake.


Because of that ticking tock, I will always remember my very first flight out of my birthplace, as by the time I had finally sat down on the plane, intensely listened to the safety talk, noted my exits, took off and relaxed … the sleeping tablet finally kicked in and I slept the whole 3 and a 1/2 hr crossing from New Zealand to Australia.  Calvin loved every minute of it.

Happy Hump Day everyone 🙂



PS… woohoo I just brought a new digital alarm clock 🙂 no more tick tock!


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