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31st December 2013…

Well today is the last Tuesday of the year.  The LAST day of 2013.  This year has flown by, I have to say :).

Today’s post is very short as I am getting ready to see the new year in with Calvin.  Nice being on this side of the world, we get Christmas first, NYE 1st and then can watch the rest of the world join in online.


I would just like to thank everyone that drops in to see what we are up to over the past few months (since March).  We are a month out from our USA road trip and two months out from me returning to Uni for the year.  All comes at once doesn’t it lol.


I hope that 2014 brings with want you wish for and you find health, wealth, love and happiness in which ever order you find fits you.  Hope to see you next year!

Post will return back to normal (well as normal I have ever been) from next week

Bye til then

M.J and Calvin 🙂


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