Travel Tuesday, USA 2014

The nearer we get the more changes are made!

Well we are just over three weeks out from our USA road trip.  Yesterday a totally random event happened with our route.  To tell you the truth I am even unsure how the route change even came up, but when it did, WOW it did!

We have added about another 10 to 12 hours of driving (some 800 to 900 kms of extra road) and taken out the middle section of the route (the bit driving through Denver).

click to enlarge
click to enlarge

We were watching something on the box, and Mt Rushmore appeared.  Next thing you know, both Calvin and I are checking distances out and the route is getting modified.  Going this way we also get to see a few more friends along the way as well!  AND Calvin finally gets to tick off seeing the Boeing Factory and I get to have a coffee in the birthplace of Starbucks!  Too many things to tick off – INCLUDING seeing Devils Tower!!!  Yes I do have a slight obsession with rocks :).

Tomorrow’s post is the second part of travelling with camera gear, hope to see you tomorrow 🙂




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