Hump Day Wednesday

Travelling with your camera gear Part 2

We are just over three weeks away from our trip over to the other side of the world.  Yes I am still counting the days, and yes they are dragging on very slowly!  Now that we are so near to going, I have started to prep my camera gear that I will be taking.  As I said in the first part of travelling with your camera gear, choosing what to take is just as important as what you eventually end up taking.  Once again start with a list.  I always work out what we might be seeing or where we are going.  Then I work out what I should need from there.  There is no need for a massive 70-200mm zoom lens if your not going to any sporting events or on an Africa safari!


For this up and coming trip to America, I am taking 2 lens (ONLY).  I know that I will do a lot of street photography – so the 50mm is a MUST and I LOVE my 105mm so that always comes with me no matter WHAT!  I am not working (as in working as a photographer) so only one camera body required, tripod and my trusty go-pro video camera as well.  Poor Calvin doesn’t know it yet but I have my eye on a new 20mm lens for some landscapes we well – but shhhh lets keep that between us for now ;).

Five must things to remember when travelling with your camera gear…

  1. Your gear was expensive, pack it like so.  Always travel with a padded bag, the thicker the padding the better!
  2. NEVER EVER pack your gear assembled!  DON’T leave your lens on your camera SILLY.  Things happen, bumps can damage rings on lens and repairs are an unnecessary cost!
  3. Travel with all your memory cards you have, I don’t know about you but I have transferred onto my laptop as well as burnt cd’s and lost images.  I find when I full a card I put in upside-down in the card holder so I know very fast that card is full.  Then I know my images will not get lost/wiped by mistake.
  4. I ALWAYS take my gear as my carry-on when I fly.  I never EVER check my gear in!  So keep in mind your weight allowance for your carry-on and make sure you keep under it!
  5. Pack your charger and your batteries with your camera gear – if your check in luggage is lost at least you have your charger and batteries to take photos, even if your have no clean underwear to wear the next day lol!


Don’t take too much stuff with you, it’s just extra weight you have to lug about.  I have travelled with my camera gear for a few decades now and all the been accident free (SO FAR, knock on Clavin’s head lol).  After a few trips you get to learn what you have taken that you could have left behind and what you have left behind you should have taken.  It’s like everything in life – trial and error!

Hope this helps and if you have any tips to share please add them in the comments!

Pot luck Thursday tomorrow.  Haven’t totally worked out what I will post about yet, so you will just have to stop by to see 🙂

Til tomorrow…



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