Travel Tuesday, USA 2014

Up, down, this way or that?

So this weekend we finally decided that yep, indeed we are changing the route and cutting out Reno, Salt Lake City, and Denver and replacing them with heading straight up the West coast and seeing Salem, Seattle and North/South Dakota.  Why the change you are thinking?

Why?  Easy! Couple of reasons, Calvin LOVES planes – so while in Seattle a stop to the Boeing Factory will be a must and I have to have a coffee at the birthplace of Starbucks!  Then there is the fact that I love ROCKS, so stopping at the Devils Tower and Mt Rushmore will be SUPPPPER exciting for me!  We also want to stop into Deadwood and see a few headstones in the historical graveyard.

click to enlarge and read :)
click to enlarge and read 🙂

History isn’t always boring 🙂 and I love finding out the history of the places we visit.  So easy to do these days, it’s all at your finger tips really.  As Calvin says ‘google earth it, saves on time’.  Only down side to that is then I want to see it in real life and off I go again planning another trip lol.  NOTE: Calvin has now stopped  mentioning Google Earth to me lol!

Devils Tower from Close encounter of the 3rd kind :)
Devils Tower from Close encounter of the 3rd kind 🙂

I have added a few more sights, thanks to watching the Travel Channel.  Watched a show on odd American Landmarks.  From that I have added the Black Aggie Statue in Washington DC, the Druid Ridge Graveyard and the Georgia Guide Stones.  Mostly odd but all interesting in their own right, and I am pretty sure we are going past all of them?

This last 2 and a bit weeks I am in research overload mode.  I am reading all I can get in, finding new and interesting places for us to pop into while we are on the road.  Even have a few Big Foot locations to check out :O stay tune photos pending LoL.  I have the route and details for a side trip out to see the Black letter box and Area 51.  Which we missed the last time as Roswell was calling us just that little bit louder the last trip over to the USA.

Black Letterbox from the Movie "Paul"
Black Letterbox from the Movie “Paul”

Still have to get all my camera gear cleaned up and sorted as well, but I just love reading up on all these places!  Tomorrow’s Hump Day Wednesdays post, I was thinking about going totally off topic and there will be post on cooking :O shocking I now, it’s not about going away!  Hope to see you back soon, and hit the like/share buttons below 🙂 you know you want too lol!



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