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Travel Mascots… Sam I am green eggs and ham!?

Travel mascots, loads of travellers have them,  They come in all shapes and sizes, from the odd and unusual to the sweet and cuties.  They mean something to the traveller and can bring untold amounts of enjoyment for all.  For our next trip away, you know the trip in just over 2wks away (just 15 days away), we have a new travel mascot to add to our little furry family.  Her name is Sammy and she’s a little kiwi.

2014-01-15 00.52.13

We normally have Happy the Ham-Star along with us, but this trip we decided to go all patriotic and I have just brought our countries National bird (New Zealand being the country and the Kiwi being the bird).  Funny thing is, that if you squeeze this little guy she makes a bird call.  Nothing odd there, unless you know what a kiwi sounds like!??!  Which by chance I do AND it’s not what our little Sammy the Kiwi sounds like lol.  Haven’t been able to work what bird call is in there yet, but give me time I WILL!  It kind of sounds like a woodhen?  Arh good old kiwi made oh sorry made in China!?!  MMMM I wonder why the call isn’t the correct one then?

Any-who, looking like a kiwi and sounding like something else isn’t  going to make one little difference to us.  Little Sammy will have her place in my camera backpack (most likely next to Happy – yep pretty sure we will take him along as well).  I will look crazy person taking photos of places around America of little stuffed toys – AND NOT CARE one HOOT what people think :P.

2014-01-15 21.07.59-1

Do you have a furry friend that travels with you?  Is there a story behind your little mascot?  We would love to know, drop us a comment or add a link to your blog/feed/FB so we can all check it out 🙂



P.S  Yes if you noticed yesterday I missed a post.  I have been thinking about changing the days which I post.  Stay tuned I will let you know soon….


2 thoughts on “Travel Mascots… Sam I am green eggs and ham!?”

  1. We have a collection of various little ones that has grown over time and they argue over who gets to go whenever someone is travelling. Theodor rabbit, Little white bunny, little hedgehog, little moose, many more. Most recently acquired a little welsh dragon to keep the older dragon company.

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