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Changing things up a tad…

So, I feel a little change is in need on the blog.  I am changing up the days I post on.  Trying to fit blogging around my ever changing life.  Even though this is my little space to do what I enjoy – to write.  You still need a little structure in your life, and like life your loves should do as well.  SO I will be NOW posting on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s.

Only time this will be a little up in the air will be when we are travelling, but you will always know when we are on the road/plane/boat as long as you’re popping back to the blog, there will be a post letting you know when we are away!


 I ❤ Monday’s.  YEP to give you a pick me up on that dreaded day I will post the pic of the (past) week.  There won’t be much writing maybe just a few words explaining whats happening or where we are or what it is – simple and sweet for the 1st of the week.

i heart monday

Since around the world Tuesday’s seems to be the travelling day, this is when I will post something in the lines of TT or Travel Tuesday.  It could be tips, tricks, or just where we have been the past week or weekend.  As long as it’s to do with travelling 🙂


Thursday’s over this side of the world seems to be new Movie day.  So on Thursday’s there will be reviews on Movies, Shows, places we have eaten/stayed or travelled too.


Now for Friday, what to do on Friday?  I am thinking since it’s the end of the week, everyone is watching the clock to tick over to quitting time that I will have a Pot Luck Friday.  A post about something or totally nothing lol.  A day where I can either air my views :O or express my at times random thoughts.  pot-luck-

Hope to see you back soon, please subscribe to my little blog 🙂





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