Travel Tuesday, USA 2014

Captains (b)log star date …

Well yes if you didn’t already know I am a little bit of a trekker, both the originals and the modern shows so this Travel Tuesday I decided to do something a little different and do a travel log.  Like a ‘Dear Diary’ without all the complaining and messy stuff you could say :).


Tomorrow see’s us tick into the single digits (9 short days), with that I have kicked up a notch with finishing off the planning and getting all my lists ticked off.  Really it’s the only thing keeping me sane since I am on ‘holiday’ already and Calvin is busy at work!  All my camera gear has been serviced, cleaned and packed.  Made sure all my CF cards were empty and in good working order and also charged all my batteries and made sure chargers were packed as well.  Little things that sometimes can be forgotten when I am in the mad dash to get packed and to the airport on the day.


You see, Calvin keeps all our bags at our storage unit and we collect them a few nights beforehand, otherwise we find that I have somehow packed everything 2 weeks before we are due to fly out, and we run out of underwear to wear lol.


Got some US dollars changed over the weekend, while the rate was good and with that my bundle of lists are slowly disappearing.  I think we only have pack and fly OUT to go!  This countdown has felt like it has taken forever to get down to the singles, but good things come to those who wait :).

Chat on Thursday, where I am going to post our 1st movie review.




Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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