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Thoughts for Friday…Why?

I have always wanted to do a “do you ever wonder?” or “Why do they do that…?” post.  But I have always felt it wasn’t the right place on the blog to post one… UNTIL NOW.  See I LOVE this new ‘Pot luck Friday’s’ section!!

I have a lot of those types of questions running in circles in my little head.  They are in an infinity loop – around and around they go and most likely never to be answered!

Like for example…


  1. Why do birds standing on the road run out of the way from your fast approaching car? They have WINGS fly!
  2. Are ALL dogs that stupid that they will keep on fetching that same stick/toy FOREVER and ever?  Or are we the stupid ones as we keep on throwing it!
  3. Is it the same person losing one shoe that you always see on the side of the road and WILL they ever learn to put their shoes in a safe place while driving?  Could they not just drive around collecting them later on?
  4. Where does that one sock go to when it is lost in the dryer?  Does the dryer company have shares in a sock company?  AND why only SOCKS?

See all questions that pretty much can not be answered, unless in the form of sarcasm (which I have to say Calvin is a master at).

stupid question

About now you are thinking, ‘where is the post going to?’  Or ‘why am I still reading it?’  All good questions, but if I answered them you might not want to return lol.  Today marks one week until we fly out.  I am trying to keep myself from going crazy and this little post about nothing has helped, if not for an hour to keep my mind off the fact we are only 7 LONG days from a lovely month long road trip around the USA!



6 thoughts on “Thoughts for Friday…Why?”

  1. lol fun post. The socks disappear into a vortex which spits them out in another dimension where people end up with three sock instead of 2 and are asking the question “why have a got an extra sock and where did it come from.”

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