Travel Tuesday

Captains (b)log star date … Part 2

Well this Friday is travel day YAY finally!  This weekend Calvin and I grabbed some last minute kiwi-ana to take over with us for old and new friends along the way.  I also managed to talk him into picking up the suitcases early 😉 which you guessed it, equals to one case packed already lol!


While I as going over all my camera and video gear, I noticed that the charger for our Go-Pro Hero camera wasn’t anywhere to be found.  Not thinking anything of it, I made a note to buy a new mini to usb lead.  WELL do you think we can find even ONE in any shops!!!!  Have been informed by a few young sales people “oh they are old style, no one uses ‘them’ anymore!?”  Well I do!  So after a quick trip to the storage unit and making a slight mess we found a ‘spare’ lead in one of our many boxes – PHEW!!  Then made a mental note to never EVER lose it!


Can’t wait for the next 3 days to pass by, and what are the odds when we arrive in LA (USA) my BFF Annabel and her hubby Jayden will also just happen to be there as well!  She travels the USA 300 and something days for work and we were going to try and see if we could met up somewhere along the way – to both of our surprise, when I emailed her our route we have not one BUT 2 places that we can spend some time together.  SO happy that we get to see her and her hubby on the 1st night.  Always a good thing to see a smiling familiar face when you arrive in another country.


Next post (on Thursday) will be a throwback thursday special.  An easy sweet pie recipe of my dads.  Anyone could make this pie and look like a pro!  So off I go to watch the clock – I hear that it helps to make the time fly by faster!



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