USA 2014

Well we arrived …

So we arrived last Friday afternoon in LA, while I have had plenty internet access I haven’t had one spare moment to sit down and actually blog.

Waiting for our flight at Auckland Airport New Zealand
Waiting for our flight at Auckland Airport New Zealand


Our flight was with Air New Zealand, we were on flight NZ2.  It was packed and we were so very glad that we had spent the extra money to get the sky couch.  So lets chat a little about the flight for now.

2014-02-01 04.07.12-1

So our flight was the last one to LA from Auckland, it took off at 1045pm on the dot.  Oddly we were served dinner, I say odd as who has dinner at 1130pm.  If anything this made it a little difficult to settle and get to sleep, maybe a light supper would have been a nicer idea over a heavy meal and offer of coffee?  When they finally did turn the lights off some few hours later we tried to sort out the most comfy sleeping option for this sky couch.  Now we are a fuller figured couple, but even the two skinny bunnies in the sky couch in front of us were having the same issues.  They ended up in the traditional spoon position – a very tight fit but do-able for them.  We tried this, and though we fitted, on going breathing wasn’t an option in this position so we had to move, and move and MOVE lol.  We ended up one sitting while one slept on the others lap.  Then after 2 to 3 hrs swapped so the other got a bit of sleep.  Now this sounds like a BIG pain in the you know what, but when we compared this flight to the flight we did 2 years ago to the USA, it was 100% better, and when we got off the plane this time around we were mostly refreshed and more awake than the last flight over.


In my opinion the sky couch is a great affordable long haul travel option over the WAY TOO pricey premium economy or business class options.  The only thing I would say that was disappointing for this flight was when the on call snack service that was meant to be in service wasn’t in service and they took ages to turn the lights back on in the morning.  Little things but big enough to make a mention.

So I will sign off for now and let you get on with your day.  We are currently in Seattle, which is full of Seahawks fans excited about winning the Super bowl on Sunday.  I will post again soon on some of the adventures we have gotten up to so far.

A mall in LA on the 1st night in the USA
A mall in LA on the 1st night in the USA

Week one nearly done, week two has snow in its future :O…



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