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Well now I have heard it all…

We have arrived in New York City, well we can see it when the snow stops every now and then from our hotel window in Staten Island I should say!  We arrived yesterday evening just before the start of the storm.  The snow that all the day the newscasters on the TV have been calling ‘snowpocalypse’ so I have heard it all now lol.

2014-02-13 14.34.43-1
view from our hotel window of the 5th floor

Yep we are having a snow-day and have been pretty much stuck in our hotel room.  We went for a very short walk about lunch time over the road to Wendy’s, only to find that while the staff were inside (dry and warm) and the lights on they were in no way going to open the doors for us!  So hotel vending machine snacks were for lunch and the pizza jot down the road delivered for dinner.  Thunder snow is due over night and they say another 2 to 6 inches of snow, but it should be clear tomorrow and maybe a little warmer even.  So what to do when you can’t get about…. get about to updating you all about the last 2 and a bit weeks of our USA road trip …

Week one:

Alcatraz Island
Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz night tour – AWESOME even if the afternoon as cold and wet.  Made for a moodier tour if you ask me!  The audio tour is a must, as you are walking around the prison, past guests and prison guards tell stories and let you know where and what happened at different times of the prisons history.  They open areas of the prison that are not normally open for the day tours and we went on Super Bowl Sunday – soooooo there wasn’t that many people to crowd photos and I only had to wait seconds/minutes for passageways/rooms to completely clear AWESOME!

operating room at Alcatraz Island
operating room at Alcatraz Island

While in San Fran for the 1st week it rained every day we were there, we didn’t get the sunshine so no flowers to pop in my hair 😦 no fog covered Golden Gate Bridge either but there is anyways next time to tick that off my bucket list (right!).


Week two:

After San Fran, we continued on up the West coast up to Seattle; seeing this and that.  Either chasing bad weather or driving straight into it, then over the Rocky’s to see Mt Rushmore and over night in the Bates Motels – nothing exciting.  Oh wait on rocks AND horror ok maybe some excitement lol.

2014-02-09 23.59.01

The drive to Mt Rushmore was in and out of light snow, the township below the monument was pretty much shut down just 2 shops open (junky touristy stuff) and that was it.  The walk up to Mt Rushmore was very impressive – Grand even comes to mind!  Which in a way made the heads anti-climatic, all these years of wanting to see them, and seeing them SO very large on so many movies.  They looked small and hyped up by the walk up 😦 .  Though the heads themselves in the making are still impressive, the time it took and the man power to complete them, I was still a little under whelmed while standing in front of them 😦 even with the pretty light dusting of snow.

Now where the Bates motel comes into our road trip is…. while driving to our next stop, the snow came down so heavy the only thing we could do was pull over and look for a place for the night to safely stay.

Our room at the 'Bates' motel
Our room at the ‘Bates’ motel

Spooky as hell, but this story will have to wait till next time.  I have gone on enough for this post… Let’s hope for clear skies tomorrow and promise I will post all about our encounter with Norman soon!




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