USA 2014

Excuse me do you have a room for the night…Norman?!

Like from out of a scene from the movie Psycho.  The tired traveller pulls off the freeway due to not being able to drive any longer, hoping to find a place to rest awhile and then a hotel appears in the distance, like an oasis from out of nowhere.  It’s bright neon lights showing a beacon to safety… or is it?  Only difference between the Psycho movie and us; is there are two of us and I in no way look like Janet Lee.


Some of the joys of road tripping, no matter how much planning you do, something like Mother Nature can bring your plans to a grinding halt.   And there is nothing you can do about it!  The other week while we where heading to St Paul and most importantly, the Mall of America the snow came from nowhere and heavy to boot!  Our visual went from 20 miles to the front of the car within mins!  We drove for as long as we could but after 15 mins we both knew pulling over was the safe thing to do, the Mall of America would have to wait an extra day.


After pulling off the Freeway and driving up the road a little ways the red neon light of safety could been seen, but was it safe?  This place looked like something from the movie Psycho!  Pulling up to the reception, a tiny little room off to the side of the motel (YEP – just like in Psycho I might add) there was a little smiling face looking out the window at us.  Looking at us like are we or aren’t we coming in?  After a few minutes of discussion on weather that was indeed Norman waiting to check us into his hotel, we decided the snow wasn’t going to let up and we either stayed at the Bates motel or freeze in the car overnight – Bates hotel it was.

2014-02-08 15.29.47

This place was one of the scariest we have stayed in, there was only one other has freaked me out more and that was in Australia a few years back.  Stepping into the room was like stepping back into a time before we were born.  What was funny though was although the room was dated it wasn’t nothing looked over a few years old?  It was really like stepping into the 50s or even the 60s.

2014-02-08 15.29.48

Returning back to the Psycho theming, I walked into the bathroom and low and behold what do I see, white tiled bathroom with a white shower curtain – from behind Calvin was making screeching sounds to mimic the shower scene from the movie :/ got to love him (well sometimes lol).   I was just glad that we weren’t in the room directly beside the reception, as I don’t think I would have slept a wink lol!

2014-02-08 15.29.48-1

Ironically as we had unpacked the car turned the scary as hell gas heater on to warm the room up, the snow decided to let up and clear for the whole evening!  In the morning you would thing the hotel would have looked completely the opposite of the night beforehand.  NOPE the photo of room number 17 is from the morning after and that was an improvement what how it looked when we drove in!!!

Needless to say neither Norman nor his Mother paid a visit to our room that night.  I would know I hardly slept the whole night!

2014-02-08 15.29.47-2



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