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The first 3 weeks – hellish!

Well I am coming up to my 1st month as a full time “Adult” university student.  I say “adult” as to tell you the truth I am old enough to be most of my fellow class mates MOTHER!!!!


WOW, I know it’s not very PC to say this, but at times I feel like a dam LEPER!  Going back to the student life is hard enough BUT going back and having the younglings keeping their distance or looking at you as if you’re the lecturer or tutor trying to catch them out – WELL that just makes it harder!  For me it has so far anyway.  The very 1st time in my life I have felt truly uncomfortable in a social situation.  I am normally the person who chats to people no matter where we are, or who the people are.

The 1st week of uni, not one person spoke to me other than asking “is anyone sitting there” and then they turned their head, so to not have to make small talk with the oldie before the class started – WOW.  Do I smell?  *Raises arm sniff sniff* NOPE.  Do I have ‘I know your mother’ stamped on my forehead?


It was really getting to me!  Calvin even noticed that I wasn’t my normal happy self.

The second week saw the first of the smaller tutorial classes start, this is where we go from the MASSIVELY sized classes of 200 to 500 students to a tiny 30 to 20 students and you can see faces of people not just blurred coloured masses all talking and making noise at once.  From here we were placed into smaller groups, this is where the younglings found out I wasn’t all that bad, and OMG I was even funny.  Not at ALL like their mums or dads.  GEE who would have guessed, an older person CAN be funny!  LoL.

This returning to school thing isn’t just about how well you can take everything in, it’s still about who is the popular groups and who is in the lonely losers club!  Peer pressure, the one thing that I didn’t think I would have to deal with again, well not in my 40’s for gods sake!  I’m just lucky that I know not to care about it.

Third week, most of the rest of us oldies have started to find each other in the masses, even some of the younglings have relaxed and have started to smile, nod and even say Hi Ya :).

March so far hasn’t been as easy flowing as it normally is and this has been one of the reasons I haven’t been about much, I need to find my flow – study hasn’t changed all that much since the last time I was in school – still takes time and you still need to make the time to fit it in.

Let’s hope that I find my grove soon so that I can do both study and blog.  Patience for just a little bit longer while this old dog finds her school feet again – they haven’t been walking in sometime!



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