When – Revised AGAIN arrrrrrhhhh – SORRY :)

Ok, so you might have picked up that my life has had a little change happen, I am now a full time university student.  YEP this old duck as decided to head back to school!  With that I have had to cut back on things to fit in around study and uni.  So less travels ahead (well for the next few years that is).  With that I am still going to carry on with the blog, but every now and then I will slip up and miss a post or be late :O

I am changing up things (yes again) so I can try to do everything soooooooo….

I will be NOW posting on Monday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s in the morning about 8am (New Zealand Time).  Only time this will be a little up in the air will be when we are travelling (HA), but you will always know when we are on the road/plane/boat as long as you’re popping back to the blog, there will be a post letting you know when we are away OR when I have exams on at uni, I will most likely drop off the face of the earth then as well (being held up in a dark room chained to a desk – feel for me yet?).


I am keeping my I ❤ Monday’s series.  YEP to give you a pick me up on that dreaded day I will post the pic of the (past) week.  There won’t be much writing maybe just a few words explaining whats happening or where we are or what it is – simple and sweet for the 1st of the week.  A no brainer you could say.

i heart monday

Thursday’s all over the world is a day to throwback, so, so am I.  I will post photos from the past, add recipes and tell stories that I hope you find somewhat interesting :).


Now for Friday, what to do on Friday?  I am thinking since it’s the end of the week, everyone is watching the clock to tick over to quitting time that I will have a Pot Luck Friday.  A post about something totally random, most likely something on nothing lol.  A day where I can either air my views, chat on travels, what’s on at the movies/shows :O or heck even express my thoughts and maybe a rant or two, maybe three!  pot-luck-

Hope to see you back soon, please subscribe to my little blog 🙂





Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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