Blogging, Pot Luck Friday

The casual brew…

Coffee?  It’s a warm drink, that can kick start your morning or give you a restart when your feeling empty half way through the day.  Some people aren’t even human until they have had their first brew for the day!  Americans nearly live on it – like a national drink lol.


So why is it that its hit and miss when your out and about and stop for a pick me up?  Not rocket science – hot water, coffee, and in my case milk and half a shake of sugar.  You can’t even rely on returning to a place that made your perfect cuppa the week before, as the same person might not be on or even if they are did they fluke it that first time?


Then there’s the places that use the old beans – heck why waste product right?  Well if it’s bitter throw IT OUT!  It tastes disgusting YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!!  Trust me I don’t return to places with bitter coffee, when its product over customer I’m not interested.  Oh and then there is the coffee that I am sure they have done like 3 shots, your spoon stands up on it’s own almost!  Again for me, not enjoyable.


I see why Calvin prefers his simple instant blend – no fuss, and hard to mess up.  Well unless I am making it lol.

Well my first Friday Rant .  How exciting lol!  Friday is here finally TGIF!  Hope your weekend coffees are perfect and so might your weekend be as well.  See you all on Monday for another exciting pic from my week thats been :).




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