OMG haven’t I slightly dropped on the inter web :O

Dropped off being an under statement,I pretty much took off to the moon again really as soon as university got busy – poof I was gone sitting at my little ‘moon unit desk’ trying to keep up with all the reading :O.


But I kinda knew that might happen, being that I hadn’t been in school for SO many years I knew it was going to be a tad harder for me to get into the swing of things compared to the younglings… but I am getting there, so far averaging a ‘B grade’ (so in the 70-75% range)  🙂

So what has been happening then since the end of march when was my last post really :O

I have had a load of exams, assignments, and my gall bladder out to boot, Calvin had a little health issue but we are both fighting fit again and back to it 🙂

book cat

I have 4 lovely exams coming up at the start of next month (which again I will drop of the face of earth for to study) BUT then I have a month off uni.  I can get back to blogging while I’m off and also get around to editing ALL the video and the photos from our recent road trip around the good ole USA.   🙂 shocking I know but I haven’t even looked at any of the images off the camera yet :O

nana bag

I was also thinking about exploring Auckland a little since we have been away for so long I still don’t know all the secret spots to visit or shop (arhhhh real factory outlet shopping how I miss you) 😦

I have missed posting, and pretty sure once the next wave of exams are over with I would have found my grove by then and be able to do everything – uni AND blog AND travel – well unsure on the travel as I did promise Calvin nothing too far till I graduate uni :O


Till next time my blogging friends – virtual hugs to everyone – it won’t be AS long the next time round





Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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