Head up in the clouds both online and in the real world

Well, one would think that with the amount of time I spend online, that I would be up with all the latest and greatest.  UM well kinda!


I have finally sorted out this ‘cloud’ thing!  I have never had the need or the time to have to think about storing all my stuff up in there – you know in the ‘cloud’.  Plus the fact that I was still a tad sceptical about the whole thing really did not speed the matter up any.  You know what if they lose my stuff?  What if I can’t get online?  What if someone hacks my account?  All the lovely things we have to worry about today (or as Calvin loves to point out – “oh you and your 1st world problems”).

Well after long last, and actual need to have my stuff at-hand pretty much when I need it.  Not – when I get home, or when I remember to bring my lap top (that I hope has what I need on there).  This weekend I finally got around to reading up on the 30GB that was sitting there empty in my One Drive (formally my Sky Drive – which was also pretty much empty as well).

It was really a no brainer, and I don’t know why I put it off for so long.  Love it when all your scepticism fly’s out the window and you forget you ever had any :O – why, what – nooo I was just getting around to it – nooo I had no mistrust with the whole set up lol.

Once you have set up the account (which I did YEARS ago), its just a matter of selecting which files or folders you want to have in the cloud and which ones you want to have synced on whatever devices you have linked up together.



I have had my phone photos linked to my dropbox for ages, as long has I am on a wifi connection then my photos from my phone upload and sync to my laptop and my PC (which I have to confess I haven’t even started in nearly 5 months – but thats another post so lets not go there just yet).

Well not really a tech talk, more a short and sweet post on something a little techie – see if this little old duck can change her views and finally reach the cloud’s, pretty but everyone can 🙂

Chat later



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