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Well I have decided to take a break from studies for a an hour or two, my mind is jammed full of cases relating to the Treaty of Waitangi, and concepts of law blah blah blah all boring and nothing you would be interested in (unless your in my lecture).  As you can see I have changed things up a little with the style of the blog.  Hey they say a change is as good as a holiday and since I can’t go away till the exams are over I’m stuck with the change -I just like to add that it was most likely said by a person that hasn’t had a good holiday yet :P.


So while in exam mode and not going anywhere I decided to get things ready for when I have finished my finals and I CAN go for a little trip somewhere (little as I have promised Calvin nothing big until after I have completed uni).

I have been very slack with not only my blog but also my instagram account.  I decided that there is no need for two accounts and I am in the process of closing one and going hog wild on the other.  If you have noticed I have taken the widgets down showing the instagram photos.  I decided that if you were interested you can follow the instagram page, this is instead of me subjecting everyone to a live feed of (as Calvin claims “silly photos of your cappuccino’s” – which in my defense I have only done one or two times).  If you want to continue with my silly cappuccino photos (JOKING) this is the link for my page.


I have planned to go take the train down to our countries capital in the first week after the exams.  Haven’t been on a solo adventure for a while.  Be nice to take a little time – just me and my trusty camera.




Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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