what can be done in 25 days?

Today I awoke with nowhere to go and no studying to be done!  As of yesterday afternoon, I am officially on university holidays – no class, no exams, no study for a whole 25 days .  Poor Calvin on the other hand is not.  He has taken a few days off in a few weeks, so we can go somewhere.  But I will blog about that little trip next week (once I have confirmed all the details).  That takes 3 days with plans, what about the other 22?  Mmm…

OK, right I could add another 2 maybe 3 days for messing about the house, now what does that leave?  20 to 19 days – “good grief Charlie brown!” I will go (even more) crazy!


So I have decided, in-between the spring um well really winter clean up I am going to re-explore Auckland, since we haven’t been here in a decade or two things have changed a little.  I hear that there is a photography exhibition at the museum, and there are new animals at the zoo, which when I think about it I haven’t been too since I was WELL so long I can not remember – lets put it that way shall we.  There are ferries to retake and volcanoes to climb – yes volcanoes (Auckland has a FEW dotted pretty much most places you look).  I am going to also get back into my blogging, since I haven’t been able to post much since heading to university and yes I AM GOING TO PICK UP MY CAMERA again.

So posts galore with animals, ferry rides, road trips also Mabel and the Volcano adventures pending…

Stay tuned…




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