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A ranting we will go – hi ho the deary-oh a ranting we will go

So I am hoping that from the title of the post you are guessing that this is going to be a rant.  Haven’t really done one this year, so it was about time really.

rant time

In two weeks Calvin and I have planned a trip down to the nations capital (Wellington for those that didn’t know).  I have been planning the trip and this weekend just gone I booked everything.  In typical Mabel fashion – the trip was booked in reserve.  As in, I booked the train trip back up, then the hotel and lastly – the part that I THOUGHT would be the easiest the hire car down.  How SOOOO wrong was I.  Now I am not going to name the hire company.  Why you ask?  Well I checked nearly every other hire company in NZ and they were all the same – so can’t name and shame if they are all doing it (but I will say the companies name was four letters and it started with A and ended with S – you work out the rest).

Now to my main beef – rant time!  Went though the online booking process, picked the pick up point, drop off pick, car, time – get to the end and see total – $360 FOR 24HR hire!  What am I booking a golden car?  So I look at the details thinking that I must have entered something incorrectly – not like I haven’t done that before!  NOPE – car hire $80… ONE WAY HIRE a MASSIVE $260.  Come on like I am going to book a car that costs a mere $80 then pay triple the car just for a one way hire NO WAY.  After looking at the other hire companies and finding they are all charging the same rip off money making fees I decided to fly us down – for $45 each.

HOW the heck can flying down to Wellington (2 people) be less than one third of the total hire of a car, for a 24 hour hire I might add as well!  The total price for our fares to fly down was a mere $100 (for 2pax) including taxes.


Needless to say now I have to change a few finer points for the trip but other than that little shocker – trip planned and booked.  I will tell you all about it later this week.  For now I am about to get ready to head over to the Auckland Domain and the Museum for the day 🙂

Rant over – Mabel now happy lol




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