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Tomorrow is today but by the time you read this tomorrow was yesterday :?

OH, I am back to writing confusing titles?  Well it makes complete sense to me.  So as I mentioned in yesterdays rant (which really is today but let not get into that) I said that I was off to the Auckland Domain.  The sky was clear (still cold – we are in winter) but not a rain cloud to be seen.  I decided to take the roller skate (what Calvin calls my little car) just in case it rained later on in the day.  Well within 5 minutes of me leaving the rain clouds started to roll in.

roller car

What’s a little rain shower – I’m a kiwi – we handle the rain or go mad (since it rains a lot here that could explain some of the people walking about in town).  Just as I am thinking this to myself, my trusty weather app alerts me to hail, thunder and gusty winds – mmm crossing the harbour bridge in a windy storm in my little roller skate.   Heck and Hell no came to mind, so you guest it, u-turn was made and I started heading back home just as the heavens opened up.  As I arrived home the rain stops and little patches of blue skies appear – so I took that as an omen to stay at home for the day.

Now to explain the title, this post when I sat down to type it was today (Tuesday in NZ) BUT since I have already done a post today I will upload it tomorrow (being Wednesday) but if I was looking at it as from today (still Tuesday) then this post would be for tomorrow (Wednesday when it uploads), BUUUUT when you actually read this post which would be today for you (which is Wednesday – well in NZ) then today (again Tuesday – keep up) turns into yesterday, SEE I told you it makes total sense. Do I have you confused yet?  If not congratulations you now speak another language “Mabel-speak” as Calvin likes to call it.




P.S… it just started to rain again

P.P.S… yeah the weather cleared up so I ended going later in the afternoon (today, which by the time your reading this was yesterday)


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