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Bopping like a crazy cat with a headset on!

I have reset up my PC the other week.  Its has been sitting in the corner collecting dust, I had pretty much turned my back on it for my mac (air book) laptop, then I decided that I wanted to get back into editing my photos – needed the PC didn’t I.  After giving up on all the Vista (windows) updates I decided to upgrade to Windows 8.1.  Which almost made me regret digging the PC back up – dam thing wasn’t compatible with my internal wifi card, and since the wifi modem is downstairs and the PC is up I had problems once I installed 8.1 – poof internet gone.  After HOURS of running about, installing a new card and then trying to work out how the heck to use 8.1 I am now (well nearly) happy once again using my PC.  Still have not reinstalled all the programs OR even started to edit any of the photos BUT at least it is totally operational again.

Once all set up (some days later) I went in search of all my music that I have hoarded on one the the PC’s hard drives.  I work better while in bop-mode, and I have found that the editing process is not so long and drawn out while the music is playing.  Or as Pharrell WIlliams would say/sing “I am Happy… like a room without a roof” oh just watch the video above.


See what happens when the music is playing while I am near a keyboard.  Post coming out of the woodwork this post is the forth this week.  Months of silence from this once prolific blogger to only really posting a photo on Mondays to cheer me up and then out of nowhere the music starts up Mabel starts bopping like crazy kitty above (which I have to say while typing I am almost wetting myself every time I look up at the screen) the cat is really moving in time to most of the music that is currently play – he REALLY likes Black Eyes Peas lol .

Wonder how long this bust of posts will flow, HELL lets not even think about that and enjoy that fact that if looks like the posts are flowing once more and lets just enjoy the bopping crazy cat some more!

Til tomorrow…

Stay Happy





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