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Well today is Friday, and in NZ it is already the 4th of July so before I forget I just have to say to my American friends Happy Birthday America and enjoy your Independence Day celebrations.

Right, back to my day.  Started out just grand, even the rain stopped and the sun came out to play, I met up with a few of Calvin’s relatives for morning tea.  Walked about the shops brought a few things (yep more stationary – I have an addiction what can I say lol).  Headed home and do you think I could find my house keys in my bag?  NO

lost keysSo there I was, middle of the day and no one else expected home for hours.  I was parked across the road from our house, I could see the blinds of our very VERY nosy neighbour moving every few seconds.  It must have been driving her NUTS not knowing why I wasn’t going into the house.  NOPE my keys were nowhere in the car I had turned every bag in the car inside out, patted down every jacket that was sitting on the backseat, head popped under all the seats pulled everything out of the boot (trunk for my American followers) the works NO HOUSE KEYS in sight!

blind cat

I was going to have to call Calvin – who works on the other side of Auckland to see if he would drop everything drive an hour home give me his keys and drive an hour back to work, mmmm.

All the while the blind across the road is looking like it was making signals to me – I bet she was calling out to her poor husband “what is she doing now?” “why isn’t she going inside?”.

Code signals

After a little over an hour of sitting in the car looking like I was “doing business” on my phone, watching the blind move and virtually kicking myself for losing my keys, my knight in shining armour arrived.  Thinking there was time for a quick cuppa we walked up the driveway together to the house.  Whats on the lawn in front of the door – MY DAM KEYS.  I must have been in such a dash this morning that while I was dropping my keys into my bag I must have dropped them OPPPS – I claimed a ‘plant’ that I was framed that they were placed there by someone else – all I got back in return was the Calvin raised one eyebrow look.

keys on grass

My bad, lol at least Calvin got a afternoon tea break and my neighbour got some entertainment and something different to watch for the afternoon he he he.




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