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When you have lemons make lemon curd!

The other day I noticed that the lemon tree had a few lemons on it, so straight away I knew what had to be done.  Within 26 minutes of picking off the tree, two large lemons became two jars of yummy lemon curd.

So without further delay the recipe that a few people have asked for: “My Easy Lemon Curd”

What you need:

3 Large eggs

3/4 cups (150 grams) granulated sugar (white)

1/3 cup (80mls) FRESH lemon juice (2 to 3 depending on the size) – PLEASE don’t use bottled juice it taste YUCK

4T (56 grams) unsalted butter (room temp)

1T (4 grams) finely shredded lemon zest (totally optional)

2 jamming jars

Mid sized pot (saucepan)

Bowl that is heat resistant  (double boiler)

What to do:

The first thing I do is to get my jamming jars ready.  Using the pot (saucepan) that you will use as the double boiler, half fill with water and boil your jars for 10 minutes.  While the jars are getting ready I use this time to get all my ingredients ready to go.  This is a nice fast recipe and really everything needs to be at hand, once you start there is no stopping.  The easiest way to juice a lemon is for the lemons to be nice and warm (room temp) they are more squeezable, BUT the best way to zest a lemon is when they are nice and cold.  SO…

First up:

1. Juice the lemons – strain all the pulp and put the squeezed lemons into the fridge for later zesting

2. Take the jars out of the boiling water and stand to cool and dip dry (yes lazy aren’t I) – you may have to take a little water out of the pot (you don’t want the water to touch the bottom of the bowl you are making the curd in)

3. Combine the eggs, sugar, and lemon juice in the bowl give it a quick stir then place on the pot (saucepan) of simmering water to make a double boiler

4. Stir constantly to prevent the eggs curdling.  This takes about 10 to 15 minutes, stir until your mixture is as thick as hollandaise sauce (mmmm hollandaise sauce)

5. Once thick remove from the heat and pour through a (fine) strainer into another bowl with the cubed butter already in it.

6. Stir the mixture until the butter has melted and blended

7. Zest your cold lemons and add at the last minute just before jarring up (the zest starts to dry as soon as its grated – so unless you want hard zest do this at the last minute).  This is optional, personally I prefer a smooth curd and leave this out.

8. Pour your yummy lemon curd into your jars and put into the fridge to both cool and thicken up – this is the hardest and longest part of whole the process.


This recipe is so easy and fast, other than having to wait for the curd to cool and thicken, the only thing you have to make sure you do is to stir otherwise the eggs with curdle while heating.

Enjoy and let me know how your curd turned out.  This curd lasts about a week and a bit, which in our house – never gets to that long oh and store in the fridge.



P.S yes yes I know I was meant to post about heading to Wellington today, but so many people asked for the recipe I decided to post this today and Wellington tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “When you have lemons make lemon curd!”

  1. gor-geous! And so intuitive. As a person who chefs at a private residence–with a lime tree!!–I see i can try this with that! Sharing to facebook for future reference–tree is petering out a bit now…:) Yum!!

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