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The Windy town of Wellington

Well our trip down to Wellington is pretty much over; we are currently on the Northern Express Train returning back to Auckland. I just love trains. Always have, but there just isn’t the time to travel long distance on them anymore. It is very sad, as they are so enjoyable. Even the rocking motion I have to say it is FAB!!! We lucked out and have a 4-seat table layout all to ourselves. Lets hope it stays that way all the way up to Auckland. I did mention that I am typing this out as we chug along? Calvin wasn’t overly keen when I said I wanted to catch the train back up. He kept on repeating “12 hrs on a train?!  Really 12 whole hrs!”   While I was like “woohoo 12 HRS!!!” We are still very different to each other but it makes for something interesting and we get to enjoy things that each other wouldn’t normally do.  As Calvin would not have taken this trip unless I was interested and now he has said “this is the way to travel”

2014-07-15 17.31.13
Flight down to Wellington – takes about 50 mins


Wellington – well we stayed in the center of town, and walked everywhere. Our feet are feeling it but really Wellington is a very easy town to get around by foot. We even walked from our hotel up to the train station (took 10 mins – only half a k up the road). We did free tours everywhere. Parliament, Te Papa, the Supreme Court and the old High Court as well, all free including the free entry.

Typical kiwi humour - local pub
Typical kiwi humour – local pub – the disco king is our current Prime Minister


The main reason for coming down to Wellington, which a few people were wondering was because yesterday was our 21st wedding anniversary. And 21 years ago Calvin and I made our very 1st road trip, and when (for me) started all the road tripping. Arh are goes the train whistle – the sexiest sound of all forms of transportation; I am such a train nerd, I really are in pig heaven at the moment!!


But back to Wellington, Te papa – what a first class museum, AND FREE! Great for the kids very hands on and loads to keep them busy while you are looking around and loads of stuff all about NZ if you ask me, WAY better than the main museum in Auckland (but shhhh don’t tell any Aucklander’s that I said that lol), like the museum in Auckland they do not restrict you on taking photos or video (but unlike Auckland it’s free for everyone not just Aucklander’s). Well worth a visit if you are in town.

How heavy is one Weta?  3 Mice heavy!!!!
How heavy is one Weta? 3 Mice heavy!!!! Display at Te Papa

Parliament – they have free tours (I think every day) no bookings required just rock up. You can’t take anything with you on the tour THIS includes your mobile phone (and I have to just say I felt like I had lost an arm), there is a free coat/bag check just as you walk in so don’t worry about leaving things in your car. The tour is interesting and you hear about how everything works and all about the buildings. Was pretty cool to get to walk on the floor of Parliament (which only happened because government does not sit during the school holidays- one bonus that our wedding anniversary falls in the holidays). Tour only takes an hour, there are a few steps but not over the top too many.


Supreme Court tour – again FREE but you have to email to get a booking to go, which we did at the last minute thinking no one would reply in time for us to go and to our surprise they were not. Again free and only an hr with very few steps (one set down to the underground cells in the old high court building). Unlike Parliament you can take photo’s the only restriction was to not to sit in the Judge’s chairs. The new Supreme Court building is very fascinating in its design as they have taken the shape of the kauri pinecone for the court and used copper paneling looks beautiful and attention grabbing all at the same time.

The pinecone shaped court room
The pinecone shaped court room


Well we are coming up to the three hr mark on the train. I have managed to tap this out all the while I have been snapping photos with my phone and relaxing over a nice hot cuppa coffee that Calvin went and hunted down for me. This is totally the way to travel; I might just be hooked and might have to think about taking the other two epic train travels that are in the South Island (a tad sooner than I was thinking).

At the airport when we flew in :) middle earth again :|
At the airport when we flew in 🙂 middle earth again 😐


Well I am going to sign off for now, but I will post all about the train trip up next week sometime and I am pretty sure that Monday’s photo of the week will most likely be from this train ride.




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