Three P’s and one L

Well as you can see I have returned to university and pretty much the posts have dropped off again :(.  I have a slightly better timetable than last semester so I should be able to post a bit during the week.  Like I am at the moment while waiting for my Politics lecture to start.  YEP you read that correctly!!!  This semester I am taking two philosophy papers, one politic paper and another law paper – YES I got the grade from my last law paper to get into the next stage!



The whole break I was like a purple minion waiting to catch the banana, always thinking did I do my best was it enough to get into the next stage?  Waiting for the grades to come in was plain painful.  And just to think I have to do it all over again to see if I can get into year TWO – good grief even higher expected pass grades for this semester :O.

Well my very first politics lecture is coming up, I still have to pinch myself that I am doing a political paper ME not Calvin but ME!!!  Only fitting since in a few months I will be voting pretty much for the first time in my life.  It is actually the first time that we have been living in New Zealand during an election – every other time we have been else where in the world.  Maybe it will help me to sort out who my vote should go too?  Well better sign off and go find where my lecture is – so prepared lol



OH P.S We sold the roller-skate and upgraded to a Sx4 so you should start to see more road adventures in the coming months – waiting for the weather to clear up and the mud to dry up!


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